By: Rosaura
Date: Dec 16, 2009
Categories: love stories
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Katie and Kyle are so sweet, so fun and so great together.  They met 2 years ago while they were both in seminary in Kansas City.  Kyle described it something like this…It had just started raining and Katie wasn’t wearing any shoes – she likes to run barefoot in the rain.  Katie  was her bubbly self and Kyle was a little shy.  But in between classes, they found out they had so many things in common, similar musical tastes, their love of books, nature and God.  They hit it off and they’ve been together since.  Now they are finishing their studies at Berkeley University and looking forward to getting married this summer.

Their love of nature and walking took us to Berkeley’s Rose Garden where they often enjoy the scenery and read together.  We had so much fun exploring the space and having them just be them.  Below are some of my favorites from our afternoon together.




They brought two of the many books they love to read.  Katie’s was ‘How Poets see the World’ and Kyle’s was ‘Being and Time’ – they were so cute, they couldn’t stop laughing. IMG_1300TT-2_web



I love how sweet and intimate this shot is.


Sweet light for one of the sweetest couples I have ever met.


Katie & Kyle, thank you for spending the afternoon with me and sharing your love and affection for each other with me.   I really  enjoyed getting to know you and am excited for your new lives together.  Enjoy!

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  • This is a great little shoot, really. You do a superb job with post production to emphasize the warmness and richness of this relationship. Now, I’m off to shoot an engagement session here today myself. cheers!

  • Magda Escobar

    I don’t know how you did it. You managed to pack so much detail about this couple that make the pics so personal and meaningful to someone who doesn’t even know them: the books, the height difference, etc. Love these.

  • I could literally feel the warmth and sweetness about this couple. I SO want a session with you!